Docusign Wordpress Plugin

Docusign Wordpress Plugin

Today, we want to share details on interesting DocuSign solution we’ve implemented for our client.

Our UK based clients contacted us and asked to create custom plugin for their WordPress site. Client is a law firm, that helps people with debts disputes and insurance payments.
They have had a website created on WordPress and they wanted to automate submission and processing of applications on their site.
We’ve discussed all details and decided to use a DocuSign service (a quick and secure way to complete and approve different submission).

Within two weeks we have created plugin to process the applications and implemented following features:

  • multiple documents support created in the service
  • a visual form constructor with an actual documents fields
  • the ability to process documents and notify administrator after filling in applications.

Plugin was deployed to the site and visitors can apply online in three steps.

  1. Visitor fills in a simple form on site, submit it and redirected to the DocuSign site.
    User’s information from entered on site are automatically filled in the corresponding document fields on DocuSign site.
  2. User check final document, sign it and submit final signed form.
  3. Form is accepted, clients receives confirmation.

Earlier the application process required a personal presence.
After plugin deployed – first step for clients becomes much easier, no needs to visit law office to submit a simple form.

This solution helped our client with new applications processing and new client acquisition.

Want to develop something custom?

Maybe a plugin to automate something on your site or implemented new features?
Or even new custom-build complex system?

Contact us and we will help you!